You have decided to buy land and build it according to your wishes. However, you lack the land needed to build your future home, and – even greater problem – you don’t know how to locate it. That’s why you are looking for some useful information, from the cost to buy land, down to the main factors that can affect the buildable nature of the house. And if this is your first time buying land to build a house, surely you are wondering what are the steps required to complete your purchase without risk.

To help you in the business, we have decided to suggest some tips to help you buy a land to build a house:

  • Decide the area in which to buy: It is certainly the most challenging step of all, but thanks to the web you can easily get an idea of ​​the types of properties available and their prices.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the seller: For example, it is advisable to ask him if there is a source of water, if there are restrictions or if there are already existing structures on the property.
  • Carefully observe the land: Check if there are roads, identify the presence of possible wells and / or waterways and find the boundaries of the land to check if they are respected by the neighbors.
  • Meet the neighbors: Relate with them to understand if the land you intend to buy has the ideal characteristics. In this way, you will have a more objective and disinterested view of the land to be purchased.
  • Check the cadastral map of the area: It is useful to know if the neighboring lands will be built or will always remain low-rise. Then check if building permits are needed and if there are already approved projects in that area.
  • Check the valuation of the property: If the area has been estimated more than its real value, you will pay a higher purchase price.
  • Try to have a precise idea of ​​the boundaries of the land: it is not easy to know what the boundaries of a land are as these, very often, are not exactly perpendicular to the road or do not follow the stone walls. For this reason, you will need to have an appraisal done by an expert and ask for an expert to take the measurements. Furthermore, by asking the seller for the floor plan of the land, you will have these boundaries clearly visible.
  • Make an offer to the seller: If you’ve found the land to build your new home, it’s time to make an offer. Remember to always offer as little as possible so that you have the opportunity to bargain in the event of a counter offer. If you are able to bargain well, you could really get a great deal!
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We have therefore set out the fundamental criteria to be followed in order to buy land without risk. However, before you move on with your building plan, there are still some other areas you have to check.

When You Buy a Land, What’s next?

At this point, if the lot meets the aforementioned requirements, it is necessary to ask for the building permit at Municipality, presenting the complete project with all the respective documentation through the construction manager or an engineer. To obtain the building permit, it is necessary to pay the urbanization charges; otherwise it will not be issued.

These charges will be necessary for the Municipality to carry out all the necessary public works inside the house (lighting, connection to the water network, sewers, etc.). If the latter are already present, the sum paid will be considered a reimbursement for the expenses previously incurred. The same rules are also applied for the construction or positioning of prefabricated houses.

Cost of building land

How much does it cost to buy building land ? The costs of building land are usually established on the basis of the obtainable cubic meters (m3). They also vary according to the type of land (land, building or territorial).

The presence of particular constraints can also affect the purchase costs of building land. A whole series of factors affect the real value of the land, including location, healthiness, noise of the area and panoramic views. These factors are known as intrinsic, while the extrinsic factors are all those that can influence both the construction methods and the costs of the house.

For this reason it will be good to ask for the advice of a surveyor or an engineer, in order to have a precise estimate of the value of the land. Other elements that influence the price of a building land are the construction constraints, the degree of urbanization and the proximity to the city center.

Knowing all these tips will help you make the right decision when you wish to buy a land that you desire to build on. At SDG Realties, we have buildable land for you to purchase. Do check our recent listings or contact us for more details.

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