If the sale of a property takes on average 3 months, it is not uncommon, with the current economic situation and a real estate market which is rather on the decline. Here are some tips to help you sell your property quickly and not miss out on opportunities.

Set a Fair Price

The price of the property is very important to sell your property quickly and at the best price. Many sellers tend to overestimate their good and miss opportunities, getting very little or no visits. So choosing a price that reflects the market is very important to generate interest without selling too low.

Some tips can also make it more attractive and sell at a higher price. For example, it is better to avoid rounded prices and use the number 9 in its price. Not only is this technique already widely used and proven in mass distribution, but it can also help limit negotiations, which generally result in fewer negotiations or a lower selling price. It also has the advantage of appearing more accessible to people for who the price of the property is at the top of their budget.

Broadcast the News

To sell your property, you must then make it known that it is for sale. For this, several means are available to the seller, for example posting an ad on real estate portals on the internet, in a real estate agency or by word of mouth. Real estate portals are essential today both for individuals looking to sell their property and for real estate agents.

sell your property quickly

However, not all ads are always optimized to sell quickly. To publish an attractive ad, it is useful to take the time to write a clear description of the property, identify and mention its strengths and describe the neighborhood in which it is located (e.g. proximity to schools, public transport, etc. ). It is a good idea to take pictures of the different rooms and well-framed exteriors, in good weather and after having tidied up and cleaned the property for sale. If possible, add a plan or sketch with the dimensions and areas of the rooms.

Word of mouth should also not be neglected. Do not hesitate to tell your family, friends or coworkers about your sales project. They may be interested or know someone who is looking for a property similar to yours.

Take Care of Every Aspect of the Property

Generally, if the price is well chosen, the visits do not delay. It then remains to make a good impression and mark the potential buyers well. For this, it is important to present them with neat, well-maintained real estate, to please and reassure them. So identify all the faults, big or small, and this will help you sell your property quickly.

The property must be impeccable for the visit. If work is to be expected or minor repairs cannot be done, it is better to talk to the potential buyer and reassure him. If he discovers these defects for himself, he will have a bad impression and will lose confidence in the quality of the property. Keep in mind that while repairs or embellishments come at a cost, if not done before the sale, they will often lead to larger negotiations, unless the price is already reduced accordingly.

Prepare For Visits

A successful visit also requires a good preparation of the seller. The latter must be attentive and ready to answer questions and reassure the potential buyer on the investment he is preparing to make. Do not hesitate to let the person discover the place for themselves and guide them if they wish or discreetly highlight certain important points.

If you can make yourself available at several times of the week, the timing of the visit can also play a role. However, choose a time that promotes a relaxed atmosphere and avoid quick visits at the end of the day, tired. Do not hesitate to prepare and print a description of the property with the strengths, details on the district, the co-ownership, plans or sketches of the property, the number of rooms and possible outbuildings or your contact details that you can give to interested persons so they can take away and read calmly.

Be Ready for the Sale

Prepare for the sale ahead of time, so you don’t waste time when the time comes. Several administrative procedures must be done, such as preparing a complete sales file, with real estate diagnoses, a sales agreement in order, or even the choice of the notary, essential for signing the official deed of sale.

To sell at the best price, you must also prepare for any negotiations, and think carefully about the conditions under which the sale can be made, such as the date of handing over the keys for example. Before the property is reserved and the sales agreement signed, it is better to continue the visits, even if the interested parties have made a good impression on you.

Do not hesitate to update your ad broadcast to show that steps are underway for the purchase of the property, as long as the sale is not formalized so as not to start all over from the beginning in case of waiver or refusal of loan agreement. Whatever reasons you have for selling a property and whether it is urgent or not, a good preparation will allow you to sell your property quickly and at a better price.

It is therefore better not to neglect the enhancement of the property, adopt an effective distribution strategy and prepare for visits and sales.

Final Tip on How to Sell Your Property Quickly

The help of real estate agents is very useful to disseminate its ads and direct potential buyers to its property. Several types of mandates can be negotiated according to the seller’s needs and availability. He will also be able to advise you on the sale price, the steps to be taken or support you for the visits.

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